Pre-School Dance Classes

Our pre-school classes are designed to introduce kids to dance in a friendly and fun way, instilling a love for dance from a young age, while still learning the correct technique and forming a strong dance foundation.

Our pre-school dance classes are specifically designed and focussed on early learning development. We introduce kids to dance and movement through the use of natural actions of the body.

The pre-school syllabus is aimed at helping with physical development, coordination, concentration, creativity, memory, and self-expression. We teach the Melody Movement syllabus imported from the United Kingdom for our contemporary, and tap classes.

We love watching out pre-school dancers grow and learn to love dancing.

What pre-school dance classes do we offer?

We offer pre-school dance classes in contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, and tap. Our Acro-contemporary classes are extremely popular for this age and introduce dancers to techniques from both dance styles helping them to increase flexibility as well as work on their dance technique. And, as a bonus, they get to dance with their favourite teddy bear too.

When are the pre-school classes?

Our pre-school dance classes are all during the week in the afternoons and during some mornings. We also offer dance classes at nursery schools as an added extra. This option is extremely popular and makes life easy for parents and it’s a great selling point for the schools too.

From what age do we accept kids for pre-school classes?

We accept dancers from 3-years old in our pre-school classes. If you’re interested in classes for younger children, please check out our moms & tots and moms & babes classes.

Where are the classes held?

Our dance classes are held at our studio in Kirstenhof. We also offer pre-school classes at select elite pre-schools in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

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Dance Styles

We offer a variety of different dance styles at Barres with beginner and advanced classes in all styles and for all ages.

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