Dance Classes At Barres

Barres dancers are able to attend classes in the disciplines of contemporary, acrobatics, hip hop, and tap. We offer a variety of dance styles in order to cater for every dancer. Partake in all our classes or choose only one dance style to focus on.

At our studio, our dancers are taught life lessons of teamwork, commitment, responsibility, and work ethic through the art of dance. Megg’s goal is to create a loving and supportive environment where all dancers are inspired and motivated to work towards reaching their goals.

Acrobatics dance classes

Acrobatic Dance Classes

Acrobatic dancers require strength, agility, and flexibility. These skills are taught in our dance classes to help the acrobats achieve the best results possible in a safe environment while also teaching them the correct technique and instilling a love for movement. Acrobatic dancers are encouraged to do two classes a week.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is one of the most influential and popular forms of dance. It combines elements of ballet, jazz, modern dance and lyrical. All contemporary dancers from school-going age are encouraged to take part in two contemporary classes per week.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap Dance Classes

Tap dancing is performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps. Dancers articulate rhythmic patterns through the use of striking the tap shoes on the floor

hip hop dance classes

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance is a street dance style that includes elements of breaking, krumping, popping, and locking.

Barre Fitness Classes

Barre Fit

Barre classes are a hybrid fitness class with the main focus being core strength, balance, and control. Our barre fit classes are a combination of Ballet, Pilates, and dance techniques. These classes are highly recommended for all Barres dancers to help improve strength, balance, and flexibility in order to help prevent injuries.

Who are our classes for?

At Barres we offer dance classes for everyone. Whether you’re a tiny tot starting dance for the first time, or a teenager who has always wanted to dance, an ex-dancer wanting to get back into the studio, or even a complete beginner adult dancer — you’re all welcome!

Adult Dance Classes

We specialize in adult dance classes too and welcome adults from all walks of life to join in the classes.

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