Class Fees

Below are the dance class fees for 2021. All fees are charged per term. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the class fees.

January 2021 Special

Register for classes in January and receive free classes for the year. *valid for all current and new students.

Register for 2 classes and receive a 3rd class free.
Register for 3 classes and receive a 4th class free.
Register for 4 classes and receive a 5th class free.
Register for 5 classes and receive a 6th class free.

2021 Class Fees

1 Dance Class

Term fee ~ 1 Class p/w

2 Dance Classes

Term fee ~ 2 Classes p/w

3 Dance Classes

Term fee ~ 3 Classes p/w

4 Dance Classes

Term fee ~ 4 Classes p/w

5 Dance Classes

Term fee ~ 5 Classes p/w

6 Dance Classes

Term fee ~ 6 Classes p/w

*p/w = per week
**All classes are charged per term. 
***Fees are compulsory for classes, whether attended or not.
****All fees are payable the first week of the term. A penalty of R40 will be charged on late payments, charged per week overdue.

Additional Costs

Yearly Club Fee / Registration Fee

New Students

Fee payable by all new students for class registration and the yearly club fee

Current Students

Yearly fee payable by all students

* All new students will receive a studio freebie. Freebie examples (lanyards, tote bags, notebooks, water bottles, etc). These are subject to availability and may change from time to time.

Studio Clothing

Studio T-shirt

Studio t-shirts are compulsory for all dancers and to be worn at all studio events. Order your t-shirt upon registration.


All students are responsible for the cost of clothing for any studio event (shows, competitions, examinations, etc). Clothing prices vary.

Private Classes / Choreography

If a student partakes in a solo, duet, trio, or quartet (outside of their group item), they will require extra choreography classes. Please book in advance. 

1/2 Hour Private Class

Private class for solo’s, and d,t,q’s

1 Hour Private Class

Private class for solo’s, and d,t,q’s

Choreography Fee

Cut music, written choreography & video



All students are responsible for extra costs related to any internal/external assessment including MMEL (modern, tap, ballet) award schemes.

Competitions, Eisteddfods, Festivals & Exams

All students are responsible for extra fees with regard to competitions, eisteddfods, festivals & exams {including choreography, entry fees, clothing, food, transport, accommodation,etc}

Class Specials

Family Discount

10% discount is given to all family members from the same household

Year payment discount

Pay for the whole year upfront and receive 5% off your yearly class fee!

Early bird discount (valid for Jan)

Register for 2 or more classes and receive a free class.

dance class fees

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2021 Dance Class Pricing

Our class fees are tiered. The more classes you take, the cheaper your fees become. Check out our 2021 class fees.

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