Barres Dance Studio

Barres dance studio offers classes in Kirstenhof. We want to share our passion for movement and art, encourage everyone to get involved, and live happily and healthily.

We offer a wide variety of dance forms, classes and packages for both children and adults. We are excited to be the only dance studio in South Africa to offer the Melody Movement Early Learning syllabus for children aged 3-8 years. We are accredited with AFSA (Acrobatics Federation of South Africa), SABOD (South African Body of Dance), as well as MMEL (Melody Movement Early Learning).

Dance Classes At Barres Dance Studio

At Barres we offer classes in; Contemporary, Acrobatics, Tap, Hip Hop, and Barre. We have classes for everyone from tiny tots (3-years) all the way up to adults.

Class Fees

All dance classes at barres dance studio are charged per term. Fees are compulsory for classes, whether attended or not. All fees are payable the first week of the term. A penalty of R40 will be charged on late payments, charged per week overdue.


All students are responsible for extra fees with regard to competitions, eisteddfods, festivals & exams {including choreography, entry fees, clothing, food, transport, accommodation,etc}

Dance Studio


Barres dance studio puts on an end-year show and prize-giving every year. This is the highlight of the year for most students as they get to showcase their talents.

Examinations at Barres Dance Studio

At Barres we take part in yearly dance examinations in all our dance styles. Examinations are an important part of dancing and give students something to work towards as well as a reward for their hard work throughout the year.

Barres Dance Studio Class Timetable

We currently have our proposed class timetable available for download. Please note that this timetable is subject to change.

dance prospectus

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New dancers must please register on the WEBSITE to enrol for this year. Dancers’ ID numbers must be completed during registration (these are used for examination and competition purposes). You will receive an email as confirmation upon successful registration.

Dance Prospectus

Our dance prospectus contains all the information you may need about dance classes at Barres all in one nifty handbook.

Barres Dance Studio